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Medical equipment quality tour activities launched in March on popular science propaganda
Update Time 2016-03-18   From   Reading Times2529 [P]]

One, the activity theme

Strengthen quality management, to ensure the safety of using machinery

Second, the moving target

By conducting medical instrument quality tour activities, objectively reflect the quality of the medical device manufacturing enterprise security situation, promote enterprises to strengthen quality management consciousness, to carry out the quality first responsible, promote the construction of credit system and quality management level, to guide the healthy development of industry.At the same time, spread scientific knowledge, medical apparatus and instruments for medical equipment to raise public awareness, enhance the ability of the public a correct understanding and rational use of medical devices.

Three, organization

Guidance units: administration of state food and drug supervision and administration

Organizer: China medical association of newspapers and periodicals

Fourth, activity form

Activities with government guidance, association and media participation, expert assistance, to medical equipment production quality and safety management as the main line, through in-depth production management enterprise, the use of units and inspection agencies with a large coverage, use TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and other concentrated form of popular science propaganda, enhance the production management enterprise management consciousness, improve the ability of public rational use of medical devices.

Five, the scope of activities

(a) key areas: Beijing, tianjin, shandong, liaoning, jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, guangdong and other eight provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.

(2) the key varieties: the condom, disposable sterile infusion apparatus, stents, contact lenses, orthopaedic implants, customised denture amount of bedding face is wide products and CT,

(3) key units:

Manufacturer: select representative medical device manufacturing enterprise, the specific enterprise list and key negotiation between the provinces and cities related institutions.Promote enterprises to strengthen the management of quality and safety of a typical experience, set up the new image of the domestic medical equipment.

Business: select representative medical equipment management enterprise, the specific enterprise list and key negotiation between the provinces and cities related institutions.Through the circulation of traceability, reflecting the production enterprise security level of quality and safety management system.

Inspection of examination organization: choose, mouth of Peking University, Beijing, tianjin, hubei, Shanghai, jinan, shenyang, hangzhou, guangzhou 10 national medical instrument examination center, medical equipment technical support system construction.

Sixth, to participate in the media

The xinhua news agency, People's Daily, CCTV, economic daily, guangming daily, science and technology daily, workers' daily, China youth daily, submitted to the Chinese consumers, proceedings, health, Chinese medicine, medicine economic news, economic information daily, China, CCTV net, the mainstream media and health portal sohu health and more than 30, as well as the key provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) parts of the media.

Seven, content

Carry out publicity "turn to" spirit and the mass line, give full play to the media, universality, education is given priority to, to promote construction, make the quality concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

(a) to carry out large-scale research reported, strengthen enterprise quality safety awareness.

Organize media reporters into key areas and key units, to carry out large-scale research.Using special report commentary, combining public reporting and internal, through newspapers and magazines, websites, radio, television and other media in the public opinion guidance, outstanding quality, outstanding management, outstanding safety.Vigorously promote standardized management, reliable quality and public satisfaction of advanced enterprise and good quality safety management measures, new achievements, to point with surface, sum up experience, promote the improvement of enterprise quality safety management level.At the same time, combining with the special medical equipment action, the organization targeted media exposure of a batch of violation behavior, reflects the problems existing in the industry, put forward countermeasures and Suggestions for supervision.

(2) to carry out the centralized popular science propaganda, increase public scientific knowledge of medical equipment.

Coupled "food and drug awareness month" activities, to organize the formulation of medical knowledge and regulatory policies and regulations, such as science of posters, propaganda, folding, asked in a machinery common sense 100 manual and electronic material, through the television column, media, network video and other forms of publicity, increase public knowledge of medical science, enhance the ability of the public identify the false propaganda of medical equipment, guide the public correct selection and use of medical apparatus and instruments, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of public.

http://health.sohu.com/20140312/n396481571.shtmlHealth.sohu.com true sohu health http://health.sohu.com/20140312/n396481571.shtml Report 1635, theme activities to strengthen quality management, to ensure the safety of using machinery, moving target by conducting "medical devices quality tour activities", objectively reflect the quality of the medical device manufacturing enterprise security situation, promote enterprises to strengthen quality management consciousness, the implementation of the quality

Next chapter Administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of publishing online purchasing
An articleMedical electrical emc standard stable cross training
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